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22 Jun

Buy imitrex from trusted pharmacy, I was recently interviewed for a podcast about my Behaviour Driven Development framework, StoryQ. Imitrex over the counter, David Starr from Pluralsight did a great job with the interview - check it out at

David also gave a great presentation on BDD at the 2010 tech ed in New Orleans, and I highly recommend it for anyone wondering how to get started, imitrex pills, Online buy imitrex without a prescription, or even whether they should get started, with BDD:


I think this is a good opportunity to talk about some of the new features in StoryQ, imitrex from international pharmacy. Delivered overnight imitrex, My first post on StoryQ came when we'd just committed it to codeplex, and a lot has changed since then:

  • We've moved to Mercurial, buy no prescription imitrex online, Imitrex discount, which means our users can create public forks
  • No more ()=> operator. Thanks to FLIT, order imitrex online c.o.d, Sale imitrex, our fluent interface has evolved to accept plain old delegates, instead of Expression<Action>s, buy imitrex online with no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest imitrex online,
  • Tagging. Any Step can be "tagged", which makes it easy to find in the output report
  • By default, the HTML report generated by StoryQ is JQuery-enriched, which makes it easy to narrow down stories by class hierarchy or tag, buy imitrex from trusted pharmacy. I'm particularly proud of this report - it's a great way to share test results with everybody, where can i buy imitrex online, Imitrex price, coupon, especially when published from a continuous integration server.
  • A rewritten converter gui, which lets you convert plain text stories into StoryQ code, imitrex tablets. Imitrex paypal, The new version lets you choose what level of code generation you want (from Story initialisation statement to entire test class), and offers a basic form of intellisense.


  • The new fluent interface architecture allows us to support multiple (human) languages, imitrex to buy, Where can i order imitrex without prescription, and I'm looking forward to creating fluent interfaces for non-english speakers.
  • I think we'll be able to create a new way of doing BDD in .NET that takes advantage of C# 4.0's dynamic features
  • We still haven't added xUnit support. Which is lame, imitrex buy online, Buy generic imitrex, because it's probably going to be really easy...

Please check StoryQ out and let us know if you've got any bright ideas for it, imitrex to buy online. Imitrex in us, And if you've never tried BDD, you should definitely look into it, imitrex trusted pharmacy reviews. Next day imitrex, It's even more fun than TDD!!!

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