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02 Sep

Buy antabuse from trusted pharmacy, Here are my slides and the source code to the TDD & DI talk I gave at CodeCamp Auckland 2008. My intent with the talk was to explain how TDD can be really good, where can i buy cheapest antabuse online, Buy antabuse from canada, and how DI can make TDD easier.

If you weren't at my talk and have any questions - I'm in the market for more comments, antabuse in japan. Online buying antabuse hcl, I've got one more link to add, these podcasts were what actually inspired my subject:

Here is my source code (perfectly commented), where can i buy antabuse online, Rx free antabuse, and here are my slides

Stay tuned for a bigger (50 line) do-it-yourself DI container that would be useful in production. Antabuse craiglist. Antabuse prescriptions. Purchase antabuse online no prescription. Order antabuse online overnight delivery no prescription. Antabuse in us. Order antabuse from United States pharmacy. Fast shipping antabuse. Antabuse to buy. Where can i order antabuse without prescription. Buy no prescription antabuse online. Over the counter antabuse. Antabuse pills. Antabuse medication. Antabuse overseas. Purchase antabuse online. Order antabuse online c.o.d. Antabuse price, coupon. Buying antabuse online over the counter. Antabuse paypal. Buy antabuse online cod. Online buy antabuse without a prescription. Antabuse from international pharmacy. Ordering antabuse online. Antabuse from canadian pharmacy. Antabuse in australia. Buy generic antabuse. Buy antabuse online with no prescription. Antabuse tablets. Antabuse over the counter. Where to buy antabuse. Buy antabuse online no prescription. Buy antabuse no prescription. Buy antabuse without prescription. Antabuse in india. Sale antabuse. Antabuse buy online. Real brand antabuse online. Antabuse for sale. Antabuse to buy online. Antabuse in mexico. Buy antabuse online without prescription. Antabuse trusted pharmacy reviews. Antabuse prices. Buy antabuse without a prescription. Buy antabuse online with no prescription. Saturday delivery antabuse. Antabuse gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order antabuse from mexican pharmacy. Antabuse in japan. Antabuse pills. Free antabuse samples. Fast shipping antabuse. Where can i find antabuse online. Rx free antabuse. Where to buy antabuse. Buy no prescription antabuse online. Antabuse san diego. Next day antabuse. Buy antabuse online without a prescription.

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  1. Rob Engberg

    2 September 2008 at 10:46 am

    Hey Rob,
    Great presentation at code camp. Good job getting the slides up so quick.

    Just one comment on your Q&A – there was a guy there who was asking you about DI breaking encapsulation. I happen to agree with him: Getting stuck having to expand some long lost project’s code that uses a lot of DI leaves you with a scavenger hunt to round up or reinvent all the right dependencies to feed the constructors. Fortunately, even if you haven’t completely embraced a DI framework, another easy answer is Factories. They can encapsulate the DI when you don’t want the consumers of your classes to have to be responsible for the dependencies.

  2. Harshal

    2 September 2008 at 11:09 am

    Thanks Rob. I couldn’t make it to the code camp but I’ll take a look at this.

  3. Rob

    2 September 2008 at 2:50 pm

    @Rob Engberg:

    Hope it’s ok to post the resuls of our IRL conversation, i wanted to post my reply online in case anyone else is looking for the same answers:

    If you use IOC (passing dependencies through the constructor), then testing becomes easy, but the production system looks a bit messy because everytime you need an X, you have to create a Y and a Z. This code gets duplicated everywhere you need to use one of your nicely tested objects. Yuk! You say it breaks the encapsulation OO rule, I say it breaks the “Single Responsibility Principle” and “Dont Repeat Yourself” too!

    Yes: Factories are a great way to mostly solve these three problems. But I definately prefer using a Dependency Injection container. I have heard them referred to as “factories on steriods”. They are actually much easier to use, as well as being more powerful.

    Hope you got a chance to read the article by James Kovacs ( – it explains this stuff pretty well!

    Cheers – Rob

  4. Doron

    12 September 2008 at 12:38 am

    @Rob & Rob,

    if you feel DI/IOC for the testability is making you feel your code is hard to maintain, you could use a testability framework that eliminates the need for external dependencies.

    With Typemock you can facilitate unit testing by eliminating dependencies by mocking, even if your dependency is on non-interface types, internal object creation etc.

    This really isn’t supposed to be a sales pitch but you’re invited to visit our blog and website to learn more.